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Enroll for our seed fund to enable funding for your STEM related business activities. We will also provide you with comprehensive networking and expert business coaching.


Apply and qualify for a friendly and low interest loan for personal and business use. Business owners can use the record keeping tab to manage better business related data.


Experience a wide range of health insurance services to cater for illness, maternity or post delivery care. SHEbnks streamlines the insurance process by connecting you with the best providers of health insurance.


We aspire for women to be motivated to learn more. This is why we are focused on providing financial educational content in form of modules and lessons.


Explore the spectacular artistry of Afrocentric products for women created through magnificent handwork. Shop for these product at the tip of your finger.


Let us guide you in taking charge of your financial habits. Take part in a survey because we love to know what you want.

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What drives us

We are dedicated to building a world class analytics and technology app to enable women make fair and accurate financial decisions so as to increase inclusion and reduce inequity. We employ new technology to ensure a secure financial experience